Booking Tennis Courts in Northampton

Tennis courts in Northampton's public parks can now be reserved & booked online. Use a computer, tablet or smartphone before arriving, or even on your way to the court!


Booking Tennis Courts in Northampton

Tennis courts in Northampton's public parks can now be reserved & booked online. Use a computer, tablet or smartphone before arriving, or even on your way to the court!


Booking Public Tennis Courts

Booking is now done online using the Northampton Parks Tennis website. Once you have selected your preferred park, court and time (and paid any applicable booking fees), you will be given a booking reference for your court, This booking system is very fast :

online court booking steps one two and three
1.Visit Parks Tennis on your computer, tablet or mobile phone.
2.Choose your park and the day you want to play.
3.Select your preferred court and time, then complete your booking.
online court booking steps four and five
4.Make a note of your booking reference.
5.Head down to the court and enjoy your match!

Which parks are included?

5 of Northampton's public parks and tennis spaces are currently part of Tennis Northampton, with a total of 21 all-weather tennis courts between them:

Abington Park | Christchurch Road
6 all-weather hard courts
Book courts at Abington Park >
Becket's Park | Bedford Road
4 all-weather hard courts
Book courts at Becket's Park >
Kingsthorpe Rec | Harborough Road
1 all-weather hard court
Book courts at Kingsthorpe Rec >
Rushmere Tennis Club | Rushmere Way
4 all-weather hard courts
Book courts at Rushmere Tennis Club >
The Racecourse | Kettering Road
6 all-weather hard courts NEW: Floodlights available on courts 4,5,6.
Book courts at The Racecourse >

Rules when using the Courts. 

The aim of this new programme is to increase tennis participation across the city for all ages, stages and skill levels. We rely on all of our players to help us achieve this by respecting each other, and respecting the rules of the parks tennis courts:

  • Courts must be booked in advance. This can easily be done using the Parks Tennis website. If you've forgotten to book ahead of time, why not quickly use your phone to book on the way there?
  • If someone else has booked the court, you must allow them to play for the duration of their session. It is easy to check whether any courts are available on the Parks Tennis website, so just make sure there's a free space before you head to the court.
  • If you are playing on a court booked by someone else, you must leave the court. We want the courts to be a friendly, safe place for people to enjoy a great sport. You must step aside if someone has booked the court you are playing on. If you do not respect this rule, you may be reported to Premier Tennis and Northampton Borough Council.
  • If court fees apply, these must be paid in full before your session. Maintenance of tennis facilities around the city is expensive, and for the benefit of all local residents. Court fees contribute towards court upkeep and tennis development. Random inspections will be taking place across every court throughout the week, and you will be reported if you are found to be playing without paying any required fees.
  • Litter must be not left on the courts E.g. water bottles, tennis ball cans / caps. 
  • Please lock the courts after use - This stops them being vandalised/not being properly maintained. 

We would like to continue operating an honesty policy regarding these rules, as we understand that the vast majority of Northampton residents are respectful towards other players and property owned by Northampton Borough Council. However, if people are regularly found to be breaking these rules, then they will have to be enforced.

Please ensure you follow these rules whenever you want to play!

Any questions / Need to get in touch?

Please get in touch with any questions, comments or suggestions - this is all about improving the quality and accessibility of your tennis services, so let us know your thoughts!

You can call Premier Tennis (who manage the courts and tennis coaching) directly on 01604 434288, or you can use the form below to send an email. We aim to respond to every email within 24 hours.

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